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The "Warrior Gene" affects some of us silently since birth, causing anger, irritability, mood swings, OCD and a traumatic inner-world experience for the suffering person. The genetic mutation of the MAO-A R297R SNP results in the bodies inability to produce the MAO-A enzyme, or Monoamine Oxidase Type A enzyme. This enzyme is partially responsbile for breaking down norepinephrine (noradrenaline), epinephrine (adrenaline), serotonin, and dopamine. With a reduced amount of this enzyme, these neurotransmitters will be at excessive levels, causing mood swings, irritation, anger and even physical violence.


This site exists to combat the effects of the Warrior Gene. Together we can create a community to discover new ways to help all of us with this condition to live a calmer and more fullfilling lives.


To find out if you have this mutation, a DNA test must be ran, and then specific DNA SNP's must be examined. This can be done trivialy by first getting your DNA sample tested by http://ancestry.com/dna then having the results interpreted by http://geneticgenie.org.


Disclosure: No doctors have been directly involved in the making of this web-site. Please always consult a doctor before trying any treatments of any kind, including any described here. We are not liable for any health issues in which you may experience by following the advice on this web-site.

Treatment Options

There are two well known drugs which assist the body in producing more MAO-A enzymes. The first is that the MAO-A enzyme requires B2 (riboflavin) in sufficient levels to function normally. The second is Progesterone, as Progesterone has been shown to increase MAO activity.


These two ways are likely not enough, however they can be great support for a third drug which does seem to really work and is the reason why this web-site exists. The drug is called Reserpine. Reserpine is a molecule which exists in Rauwolfia Serpentina which is also known as Snake Root. The great thing about this is that while Reserpine is a prescription only drug, the Rauwolfia Serpentina containing Snake Root is available over the counter in the USA. 

There are unforunately less than 30 doctors in the USA that advertise that they prescribe Respen-A which contains Reserpine. Also, many of them don't take any health insurance of any kind. Additionally, treating adults with the MAO-A gene defect is unheard of, especially in the general population. If you have the option of going to a doctor first, do it! If you don't have that option, and are at your wits end with the Warrior Gene, then try Rauwolfia Serpentina.


If you would like a doctor to help, start with this list of doctors.


What is Rauwolfia Serpentina?

Rauvolfia serpentina, or Indian snakeroot or sarpagandha, is a species of flowering plant in the family Apocynaceae. It is native to the Indian Subcontinent and East Asia (from India to Indonesia).


From WebMD, "Indian snakeroot is used for mild high blood pressure, nervousness, trouble sleeping(insomnia), and mental disorders such as agitated psychosis and insanity. Indian snakeroot is also used for snake and reptile bites, fever, constipation, feverish intestinal diseases, liver ailments, achy joints (rheumatism), fluid retention (edema),epilepsy, and as a tonic for general debilities.One of the chemicals in Indian snakeroot is the same as a prescription drug called reserpine. Reserpine is used to treat mild to moderate hypertension, schizophrenia, and some symptoms of poor circulation.".


Reserpine has been studied in controlled environments and it is still administered professionally today. Reserpine is the active drug in Respen-A Disc which is prescribed to children with Autism. It's marketed as an effective tool to improve eye-contact, speech, and reduce anger and violence in Autistic children.


Reserpine is an MAO-A agonist which means it promotes MAO-A activity, and in doing so helps to turn serotonin over into what's called its active aldehyde form. This is what people with the MAO-A R297R gene mutation want to use Reserpine for.

Rauwolfia Dosage

In 1955, the FDA approved reserpine for the treatment of hypertension at a dose of 0.1- 0.5mg. Since Reserpine is found in Rauwolfia Serpenina at about a 1% yield, if we take 100mg of Raulwofia, we should be getting approximately 0.1mg of Reserpine. This is conveintly the starting dose the FDA has approved for Hypertension. While it's not optimal that we can't dose to an exact measurement, we can start with a lower dose and work our way up to be safe.


There is no recommended dosage for MAO-A treatment for adults or children. Using the guidelines for Hypertension, we can start lower than 0.1mg and move up to 0.5mg as needed.


Please do not attempt to dose a child under the age of 18 years old. Always consult a doctor before administering supplements, herbs, or drugs of any kind to a child or yourself.


Our Suggested Starting Dose for MAO-A R297R Treatment for Adults:


  • 60mg Rauwolfia Serpentina once in the morning.


No more than 500mg of Rauwolfia should be consumed in one 24 hour period as this is outside FDA guidelines for safety. Also this should not be done for more than a week. A more likely dosage regimine is


  • 60mg Rauwolfia Serpentina once in morning, once at night.



If you  experience irriability, depression or any

other side effects, discontinue use immedietly. 


Vitanica Rauwolfia Extra Capsules (Recommended)

Pro: Contains 530mcg of Vitamin B2

Con: Rauwolfia Serpentina dose starts at 120mg



Where To Get Rauwolfia Serpentina 

Support Supplements


Pro: Contains 60mg of Rauwolfia

Con: Contains many other ayurvedic herbs of which may be undesirable


Pro: Contains 250mg of Rauwolfia in a tablet, may need to be divided in half doses.

Con: Ships only from overseas and takes additional time to arrive.

Natural Doctors

Pro: Contains nearly pure Rauwolfia with nearly no additives.

Con: Contains 600mg of Rauwolfia per pill, too high starting dose.

Himalaya Serpentina

Pro: Very inexpensive and low dose if you want to start low

Con: Rauwolfia dose is 4mg per pill of pure alkaloyds. I don't have experience with this to offer dosing advice.

Reserpine is a calcium channel blocker, which means symptoms such as brain fog, anxiety, restlessness, and muscle spams will appear without calcium supplementation. It's been recommended to take 2,000mg of Calcium Carbonate per day in the morning with food when consuming Reserpine containing products. When suplpementing Calcium, also supplement Magnesium. (Source Link)

Reserpine could stop working if the seratonin stores are not released which can happen if one is on a gluten-free diet. If Rauwolfia works for you for some time, then stops, either consume a small amount of gluten in the morning or take 500mg of Inositol. This should release the seratonin so that the MAO-A enzymes can convert them to their active form. It is not recommended to take Inositol until this situation occurs. (Source Link)


Vitamin B2 has been shown to increase MAO-A activity and is required in adequate levels in order to produce the MAO-A enzyme (Source Link). It may be beneficial to supplement Vitmain B2 while on Reserpine containing products.


Progesterone has been shown to increase MAO-A activity and is a precursor to creating the MAO-A enzyme. It may be beneficial to supplement but only after establishing Rauwolfia Serpentina's effectiveness on it's own. (Source Link).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this compatible with vegetarian or veganism?


A: Not without supplementing 5-HTP or Tryptophan. The primary source of creating seratonin in the body is from meat. Please refer to this article


Q: What is it like to have the MAO-A Warrior Gene then treat it with Rauwolfia Serpentina?


A: For me, the author of this site, having the Warrior Gene is like being most constantly agitated and waiting for someone to give me a reason to snap at them. At times I get so overwhelmed I can't be around people. There can be very dark negative thoughts, but rarely depression. My mood would swing from happy one hour, to really pissed off the next hour. There's never an external reason why I am upset, and it took me into adulthood to stop blaming everyone else around me for my anger issues.. 


After taking only my 2nd dose of Rauwolfia Serpentina, I noticed the effects. Primarily, I received for the first time ever in my life, a block of 4 hours of continuous peace. I didn't feel sedated, or stimulated, just content. I recognized the feeling having experienced it only briefly in the past, but now it was here and not going away. I've been steadily taking from 300mg to 400mg of Rauwolfia in a 24 hour period for two weeks before I realized that this has changed my life. I no longer need my alone time like before, I no longer shut-down and can't be around people, I no longer get uncontrollable anger and I no longer live in some nasty dark thought patterns. It was after this time I realized I needed to share this information with others who suffer this same affliction.


Watch this video for more about how the Warrior Gene affected me personally here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Equnev25X24


Q: What's the goal of this website?


A: To join together as a community to figure out what products work best to treat the Warrior Gene. Together we can report in and figure out which Rauwolfia Serpentina products work best, if there are other Adryveic herbs which may also help and for support so we can better understand ourselves so that we can stop taking out our anger on our loved ones. I plan on setting up a community based forum where we can all share information and communicate easily.


Q: How safe is taking Rauwolfia Serpentina as indicated on this site?


A: If we follow the guidelines set by the FDA for Reserpine dosage at 0.1mg to 0.5mg we should be safe. WIth that said, please consult a doctor before following any advice on this web-site. Reserpine has been shown to induce depression when given in too high a dose for too long. Please refer to this study for more information. Drowsiness, dizziness, tiredness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, slow heartbeat, and stuffy nose may occur. If any of these effects do occur, discontinue use immediately.